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RCS Messaging – Google to take text messaging to the next level. Rich Communication Services (RCS) offers a modern way of chatting, while maintaining all the advantages of SMS.

RCS is planned to be launched globally by end of 2017. This means traditional messaging will be upgraded with popular chat features like typing indicators, read receipts, high-quality photo sharing and more. Enhance your text communication for your company, be one of the first to use RCS

RCS features
A modern texting format

With RCS, you are no longer limited to the plain text format of SMS. RCS is like the modern chat apps, with big the difference of using the carrier networks instead of the internet. With RCS, you will experience all the benefits of SMS with the features of modern chat apps. What does RCS bring?

Rich media experience with images, videos and locations
Interactive messaging with action buttons and suggested replies
Add company information and branding
Read receipts and typing indicators
The new era of text messages is the first company use this Service When a customer books a hotel, they receive an SMS message which links to the mobile app. This confirmation is no longer just a text message, thanks to RCS